Our Horses

Our horses are the real therapists at TSTRC. Each horse gives our program something so special. If you would like to sponsor a horse or donate a horse, please call or email for more information.
Abel Haflinger. 6 years old. Owned by Lara Annabeth Runyon. Abel came from a therapeutic center where he primarily worked with people on their emotional processing. He is now Lara and many other children's main man for physical therapy as well. His small but strong stature make him a perfect option for almost any rider. Abel is best friends with his other pony pals, Buddy and Poppy. Abel needs a sponsor.
Buddy Paso Fino/ Miniature Pony cross . 19 years old. Buddy believes he is the largest horse to ever exist, so don't tell him hes really just a cute pony! Buddy lived his life as a beloved family horse and has since been Ms. Ashley's partner in crime for teaching tots to ride. He loves watermelon and hearing how cool he is! Buddy needs a sponsor.
Chappy pony. 10 years old. Chappy is the cutest thing you will ever meet. He looks like a baby but he wants you to know hes a big boy. Chappy enjoys anything that results in food or treats. He also likes to roll and give our riders and volunteers a lot of work to do. Chappy is best friends with Buddy. Chappy needs a sponsor.
Farley Quarter Horse 12 years old. Owned by Maddie Salvador. Farley was a former western pleasure Berry College show horse. Farley's favorite speed is slow and smooth. He loves to be with buddies, he is best friends with Mac and King. Farley has such a kind eye, but don't let that fool you, he can be a drama king and likes to be spoiled. Farley needs a sponsor.
Frosty  Miniature Horse. Graciously donated by Rebecca. He is part of our miniature herd and has visited camps for children with different abilities, special needs proms and schools. Frosty is very talkative and will run to you when called. He is small, but he has the largest heart, and a large belly! Frosty is sponsored by John Haile.
Gideon Quarter Horse ~15 years old. Graciously donated by Matthew. He used to do trails and lessons. Gideon likes to shake his head "yes" when you ask him questions. He is never in a hurry to get anywhere too fast. Gideon is currently sponsored by Jonathon Cantrell.
King Quarter Horse 18 years old. Graciously donated by the Waller family. King likes to keep life interesting- he will teach someone to post one day and go on a trail ride the next making him very versatile. King likes to spend his spare time hanging out with his friends, Mac and Farley. King needs a sponsor.
Poppy Miniature Draft Horse. 10 years old. Poppy is a strong lady in a smaller package. She started her life as an Amish horse and is now loving the life of a therapist. She is easy to pick out due to her docked tail. Poppy is a fun ride, but she is in no hurry to get anywhere fast!  Poppy needs a sponsor.
Tex Quarter Horse 10 years old. Graciously donated by Loretta Lynn's Ranch. He was a trail horse with Comanche. Tex has a very smooth walk and gives the rider a lot of movement. Tex is probably the cuddly-est horse you will ever meet. He does not know what personal space is, he just wants to be loved. Tex is sponsored by Anne McReynolds.
Mac Quarter Horse, 8 years old. Mac is pretty and he knows it. He is a little faster than some of the rest of our crew but he is a good boy. Mac is game for anything; costumes, roping/cowboy practice or a calm grooming session. Mac needs a sponsor.
Mama Cat Cat. Over 10 years old. Mama Cat has been at Tri-State for approximately 10 years where she was abandoned to have a litter of kittens. Mama cat is very shy so you are more likely to see her dart from one hiding spot to the other, but she is a very dedicated hunter and takes good care of Harry. Mama Cat is sponsored by Gail Ragsdale.
Bo  Cat. Over 1 years old. Bo is the real director of TSTRC. He will great everyone at the door, patrol to make sure he knows what everyone is doing and when the job is done he will invite himself on your lap, in your bags or even in your car if you aren't careful! Bo is sponsored by Gail Ragsdale.
Thunder Cat. Around 1 years old. Thunder is Bo's best friend. Poor Mama cat has to supervise Thunder and Bo and their crazy shenanigans. Thunder likes to *try* to hunt birds but hasn't quite figured out that they fly away. Thunder needs a sponsor.

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