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Participant Scholarships Needed!

You may not know the child who gets to participate in one of our many therapeutic equine therapy programs, but you learn about their remarkable stories here on our website.  Unfortunately, there are far more we have to place on our waitlist because of a lack of scholarship funding which would allow them to benefit from our work here. 

We fund nearly 90% of our program operations through donations and outside funding support, and for those who cannot afford to pay, we never want to turn them away. We need your help today! Please consider sponsoring a scholarship for a person needing therapeutic equine program help. It literally makes a lifetime impact!

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Ways To Help

The Therapeutic Riding Center is a program of Tri-State Exhibition Center, a registered 501c(3) corporation. As a non-profit program helping individuals of all ages with physical, mental, and emotional challenges, we depend on the generosity of donors, corporate partners, and grants to provide our services, maintain our property and care for our horses.  All donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Traditionally, therapeutic services can be quite costly and the cost of caring for someone with special needs is also financially challenging for most families. We work hard to provide affordable therapeutic services to those who will benefit from our programs. With these goals in mind, we rely on supporters like you to keep our doors open to the community and make a significant impact in the lives of our participants.

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Donate Online Now

Submit a form and mail donation to: TSTRC, 200 Natures Trail SW, McDonald TN 37353

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Unrestricted general donations help us maintain daily operations and horse care, as well as offset our therapeutic session costs, of which our nominal session fees only cover 40% of actual costs. Donate by clicking the  PayPal link above or contacting the Community Foundation of Cleveland  Bradley County, donor manager for TSTRC.

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