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Barn Banter

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We LOVE OUR VOLUNTEERS! We celebrated their contributions with our annual Volunteer Appreciation Event. Volunteers got to ride the horse of their choice, meet other volunteers, and enjoy lots of pizza and cookies. All the programs we have could not be possible without the dedication of our steadfast volunteer team, and while once-a-year-events are great, we want you to know that we appreciate you EVERY DAY! See more pictures on our Volunteer Page

We're feeling the (local) love after receiving a grant from the George R Johnson Foundation located in  Cleveland TN! Their funding support will allow us to have additional instructors certified by PATH International this year. Why is certification so important? PATH (Professional Assoc of Therapeutic Horsemanship) is the global gold standard when it comes to training and development of instructors who provide equine-assisted therapies as we do. It means our participants are getting the best instruction possible, using the high standards taught by PATH. If you want to know more about PATH, check them out here: PATH International

We're excited to announce a new program for ADULT WOMEN!  This spring, we have two sessions scheduled - Mondays or Tuesdays - for those looking for an opportunity to do a group riding program called SILVER STIRRUPS. Find out more on our Programs page!

We've got AMAZING FRIENDS!  A big thank you to Sherry Brown for her generosity and support of Tri-State! She has not only sponsored several of our horses but saw the need for our sweet mini's to have their own shelter in their little pasture.  Stop by to see these two cuties in their new shelter! Thanks to Sherry, Bert & Frosty will enjoy getting out of the elements just like the big boys in the gelding's pasture, just in "miniaturized form". 

Speaking of friends, meet our newest herd pals, Buckshot, Rizzo and Bonnie! These new horses are tried and true, and we are very excited to add them to our program. Learn more about them on the Our Herd page!

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