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Mini Manes and Tales

Mini Manes and Tales is a mobile program that brings equine therapy to you. Our miniature horses have gone through extensive training to help children learn to read and/or to provide company to those who want a visitor. These little guys always come dressed for the occasion- they like a theme! 

Our little team of equine therapists have visited countless residential facilities, hospitals and schools to spread cheer and read books. They have quite the background story themselves. All of our minis are rescues from the East Tennessee Miniature Horse and Donkey Rescue. 

Themes the minis have done: 


-Prom formal wear

-Kentucky Derby



The minis are potty trained and well-behaved in indoor settings. Due to their potty needs, visits are limited to under 2 hours. 

Contact us to arrange a special visit. 

Prices vary based on travel. 

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