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Our Equine Team

We have a mix of small, large, and even "extra-large" horses as part of our therapeutic horse team. These horses come to us as donations, leased program horses, and even rescues that we have adopted into our horse family! 

Nothing we accomplish here at Tri-State can be done without these hard-working and amazing creatures. We have programs for those interested in donating or leasing their horse as well as sponsorships to offset the cost of care for these hooved heroes. You can find out more here.

Occasionally, we have horses that have earned a well-deserved retirement to a nice grassy pasture and a new job.  Our horses all come with detailed profiles including medical history, up-to-date vaccination documentation, hoof care, and current negative Coggins. We care about our horses so our adoption process is very thorough, so please be prepared for a farm check as well as vet and farrier references. Once you have one of our horses, we will request periodic updates.  Contact us for information.

Breed + Color: Quarter Horse, Chestnut

Reinbow Riders Color: Brown

B. 2008



Dice is a retired event horse who is ready to show our students the ropes of Special Olympic dressage, first canter experiences, or leisurely trail rides. His friendly and respectful demeanor makes him a trustworthy partner in the barn. Don't forget to bring him treats when you visit!

Breed + Color: Quarter Horse, Chestnut 

Reinbow Riders Color:  Teal Blue

B. 2007



Sully is one of our resident goofballs. He is a solid citizen...but with his narcolepsy making him so tired you will assume he is more of a senior citizen! 

Breed + Color:  OTTB (Off Track Thoroughbred), Bay

Reinbow Riders Color:  Maroon

B.  2001  



Albert is a kind gentleman who enjoys teaching our students the dressage Para- or Special Olympics. He is a friendly sir and is always ready for a cookie!

Thank You Sherry Keller Brown for Sponsoring Albert!

Breed + Color:  Percheron, White

Reinbow Riders Color: Lime Green

B.  2008



This big girl brings true meaning to the saying gentle giant. She is happy to lazily go with the flow until food is involved... Luna is always motivated for meal time, respectfully. 

Thank You Sherry Keller Brown for Sponsoring Luna!

Breed + Color:  Haflinger, Golden Chestnut

Reinbow Riders Color: White

B.  2001



Little Miss Greta has settled nicely into her role at the barn. She is prepared to team up and help our students achieve their goals!

Thank you TVA for sponsoring Greta!

Breed + Color:  Quarter Horse, Chestnut

Reinbow Riders Color: Red

B.  2005



Freya is a well-rounded little lady prepared to try it all. She may test the boundaries here and there, but makes a steady partner.

Breed + Color:  Mustang, Bay 

Reinbow Riders Color: Dark Green

B.  2010 



Abi may have the best hair in the barn! Don't let her pretty looks fool ya, she is a hard worker and can do it all. 

Breed + Color:  Quarter Horse, Palomino

Reinbow Riders Color:  Rainbow (of course!)

B.  2016



Skittles is one of our youngest horses. She is a perfectly pretty little Barbie pony, and she knows she's cute. 

Breed + Color:  Quarter Horse, Grey

Reinbow Riders Color:  Yellow

B.  1999

123-1 (4).JPEG

L. B.

LB loves to be dirty, it's the main duty of a grey horse.  He does not love to be in a stall. Hear that knocking in the barn? It's LB, he wants food or out! 

Thank You Sherry Keller Brown for Sponsoring L.B.!

Breed + Color: Quarter Horse  ,   Chestnut

Reinbow Riders Color:  Light Blue

B.   2009


"Stinkers" can experience a range of emotion, but is ready to match our students and enjoy the task at hand. This pony kicks butt pulling a carriage or packing riders on his back!

Breed + Color:  OTTB (Off Track Thoroughbred), Bay

Reinbow Riders Color:  Black

B.  2004 

123-1 (2).JPEG


Monte is a sweet guy and just aims to please. He is very versatile and willing to try it all if it will make you happy. 

Breed + Color:  Quarter Horse, Bay

Reinbow Riders Color:  Dark Blue

B.  2015


Millie is just about as perfect as you can get. She knows her job and is very trustworthy. 

Breed + Color:  Minature Draft Pony, Grey

Reinbow Riders Color:  Purple

B.  2008


Poppy is small - but she is as strong as a plow horse! She is not known for speed.

Breed + Color:  Minature Horse, Grey

Reinbow Riders Color:  



Frosty is Bert's best friend. He loves to go on long escape runs and feel the air in his mane- so make sure you always lock the gate!

Thank You Sherry Keller Brown for Sponsoring Frosty!

Breed + Color:  Minature Horse, Dun 

Reinbow Riders Color:  


Bert (2).jpg


Bert thinks he is one of the largest horses at TSTRC. He may not be, but he may just have one of the biggest hearts!

Thank You Sherry Keller Brown for Sponsoring Bert!

Breed + Color:  Miniature Horse, Black

Reinbow Riders Color:  




El Chapo "Chappy" is just adorable. He is often mistaken for a foal, but don't be a fool- he's a serious competitor in the show ring. 

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