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What is Therapeutic Riding?

PATH Intl. defines therapeutic riding as, "an equine-assisted activity for the purpose of contributing positively to the cognitive, physical, emotional and social well-being of individuals with special needs. Therapeutic riding provides benefits in the areas of health, education, sport and recreation & leisure".


Simply put, a horse does not see us for our different abilities. This means the non-judgemental nature of horses allow participants to open up and have positive mental, emotional and social experiences. Physically, the gait of a horse helps participants mimic movements of the human gait to build muscle, balance, and fine-motor skills. The bond our participants gain with their horses which allows for them to achieve their physical, mental and emotional goals is truly magical to witness.

Our Mission


Tri-State Therapeutic Riding Center's Mission is to provide the opportunity for emotional and physical healing, equestrian education, and fulfillment for physically-, mentally-, or emotionally-challenged individuals of all ages. 

We serve over 200 individuals annually and hope to reach even more members of the community. It is our dream to give the community a safe, fun, family-oriented place that can help participants reach their goals both on and off horse.

We invite you to email, call or set up an appointment to learn more about therapeutic riding and our programs.

Check out a video done by Nathan Sarli about some of our riders and what makes them and TSTRC such a success.

​Tri-State Therapeutic Riding Center

Our Philosophy

Through the eyes of a horse, we are not judged by our different abilities, we are able to be who we are and achieve what we set our minds to.

Tri-State Exhibition Center
Tri-State is located at Tri-State Exhibition Center which hosts frequent events. Check them out
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