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Therapeutic Driving 

Why therapeutic driving? Like riding, driving has endless therapeutic benefits. Driving provides an alternative for our participants who are unable to ride due to weight, balance, fatigue, and/or anxiety. Some of the benefits include improving motor planning, hand-eye coordination, stability and spatial orientation. Driving also works on self-esteem, confidence and verbal communication skills as it helps with “finding your voice” due the tones, emotions and assertion you have to use to communicate to the horse which become much more important than under saddle.

As we grow this program we will have limited spaces. Currently we can offer driving Tuesdays at 10am or 2:30 pm and Thursdays 12pm and 2:30pm.


Private Therapeutic- $45

Group Therapeutic- $35 

Private Mindful- $55

Group Mindful- $40 

Meet the "Driver" 

Want to help? 

Olivia Rekoske started driving 7 years ago. She trained 1 and 2 handed achenbach style with a focus in combined driving which includes driven dressage and hazards. She has since driven pairs and is training to drive achenbach 4 in hand. Olivia has also been driving for the Chattanooga Carriage Company for about 5 years now. She is excited to combine her love of driving with therapeutic programs and has been a therapeutic instructor for almost 3 years. 


Interested in learning and helping others? We have specially trained some of our volunteers for this task and would love more volunteers to help. Volunteering in a driving program does require special training and is best suited to older teens and adults.



For more information or to register contact tristatetherapeuticdriving@gmail.com